I was the first one, who shoot on Aachen...

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    This is not a joke, this is a true story!

    OK, like in all armys, you have 1. grade, second grade and 3. grade units.
    The 1. grade units have the newest and best weapons.

    In my army time (1989 to 1990) I was in a fourth grade unit...

    Heimatschutzbrigade 52.

    OK, in my casern there were two battailons of this brigade, the second and the fifth. I was in the second, the fifth was these one with the artillary (Feldartilleriebataillion 525).
    They were eqipped with 105 mm guns from USA, the oldest one were build in the year 1943.

    Once, they scratched the colour of one of the oldest once, to repaint them.
    They found a graffity on the oldest layer of the colour.

    There was written something like (I dont know anymore the correct sentence):

    I was the first one, who shoot on Aachen...

    They put a layer of clear colour on this graffity and paint the gun with the new colour after it.

    The Fourth of the Four

    I think, it was a M101A1 (with an exchanged Rheinmetall barrel)

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