ID needed on a brass object plz

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Jan 4, 2023
Hi all,

I found this brass object metal detecting the Thames, it was covered in a rusty crud which took days to remove. Does anyone have any idea what it's from please? Many thanks in advance. Si
2023-01-04 11.41.34 am.jpeg
2023-01-04 11.41.46 am.jpeg
2023-01-04 11.41.53 am.jpeg
2023-01-04 11.40.27 am.jpeg
Those slots and screw holes definitely look like they're designed to hold something slightly flexible, like wood.
I tend to agree that it could be a small flag pole mount, as it also has screw hole in the base for probable attachment to a flat surface.
Yes, marine rather than aeronautical, but it's interesting that it has that long number stamp, and another "4" on the base, so it was probably mass produced.
Cheers, Mike
Although the stamping raises it a bit above domestic use, (garden tool handle holder etc.) there is no military logo.
This pushes me back towards the flag pole idea. I only collect Allied aviation bits, so I'm used to seeing A*M even on components.

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