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Mar 19, 2007
Hi folks! I'm looking for any photos - pictures - profiles of planes from III JG 52 "Flieglige schwert" ( pardon if the spelling is wrong ) at the start of operation "Barbarossa". At that time III JG 52 under command of Gruppencommodor major Alfred Blumensaat was deployed in Romania. It's task was to defend romanian oil fields from russian bombers. Actually from the very start of the war against USSR III JG 52 was engaged in fierce fighting. I would be very grateful if anybody can help me with images of planes from III JG 52 of that period. I have only one photo of Me 109 Es from this Gruppe in Romania dating June - July 1941. I made a drawing of Blumensaat's "Emil" but I want to be sure that it is correct. Later I will upload it here. I'm also interested in any information about Alfred Blumensaat who, to my mind, played a great role in first successes of III JG 52 in the East.


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