IL2 version with VJa 23mm

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Mar 6, 2006
I have a question. Based on information from various sources, il2 produced in 1941 was armored with SHVAK 20mm canons and VJa 23 mm canons. To the end of 1941 were produced 1134 planes il-2. Do you know how many from them were with 23 mm canons and whether they were used by VVS in battle under Moscow in winter 1941? I think yes, but i have not any relevant and trustworthy source. The answer on the second part of my question is important for me.
Hallo 3.BAP/UO_Bugs

Do you know that there isn't any info on how many Il2 was equipped with VJa 23 canons ? I've checked in some books and magazines but with no success.In the polish publication TBU no.10 is stated that Il2 Sturmoviks took a part in counter-attack in winter 1941/1942 at Moscow area.In the book "The Il aircrafts" is acknowledged the fact.There is said,Il2 was used in a bit bigger number during The battle of Moscow. There is also info that from winter 1941/42 VJa 23 canons were mounted.However, at the end of 1941 production of the VJa canons was still insufficient.In the Squadron/Signal publication in action serie is mentioned that at GAZ-18 factory Il2 equipped both VJa23 and ShVAK canons were built alongside each other on the assembly lines.Besides,in the "Militaria" magazine I've found that the Shachurin's order no. 462(May the 21st 1941) commanded to equip with VJa23, from November all Il2s.Judging by the info I think that for sure some Il2s equipped with VJa 23 canons were used during The Battle of Moscow in winter 1941/42.

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