Impact of Ambassador Glaspie telling Saddam to stay out of Kuwait

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Admiral Beez

Oct 21, 2019
Toronto, Canada
U.S. Ambassador to Iraq April Glaspie met with Saddam Hussein on July 25, 1990 to convey the United States' position on Kuwait. Saddam invaded just a few days later, on August 2.

Glaspie gets unfairly blamed, A Bum Rap for April Glaspie — Saddam and the Start of the Iraq War – Association for Diplomatic Studies & Training

But what if President Bush had made the US position clear, that the US was guaranteeing Kuwait's security and that the US expects Iraq to stand down or else face US military action, or such?

How are regional and global geopolitics impacted?
No idea about global impacts, but surely Iran's occupants [the Akhunds and their "so called" Islamic republic regime] would send their ultimatum to US and west, by several explosions with tons of casualties. The US and West, would do nothing in return, as they did not.
The mealy-mouthed script she was reading from was probably to blame. Even being a woman, had the message concluded with a promise of American military support of Kuwait, things may have turned out different.

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