Impressionist Painters

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the lancaster kicks ass

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Dec 20, 2003
Ok, I've gotta research the impressionist period, when it started, what the idea of impressionism is, how it started, the impressionist painters, and their dates, and i'm looking for a bit of help, any info you guys have will be very usefull............
me and a friend are learning about each others hobbies, i have to set her an aircraft question, i'm thinking either "what effect did the avro lancaster have on WWII", "what effect did air power have on the Falklands war" or "what effect has air power had on warfare in the past century"..........
I did mean just on the site, thats why I said National. Unless theres actually life off of the site, but that would be absurd :lol:

so whan shall the first national filter day gonna be?? i think it should be everyone's names and words like "and" and "of" and "the" just the really common ones...........
you know there has to be a bacteria and CC joke in there somewhere :-k

and i'm not really into art, like i say i'm doing this because of a mate and i wanna do a good job so i can laugh at her answer to my question, which is now about a day late...........
evangilder said:
Well, cultured dairy products bring us yogurt and cottage cheese! ;)

Damn, I thought I had a good joke for that but I just realised I dont ;)
Im getting to the stage of "senior moments", my parents warned me about this :shock: :lol:

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