In search of certain Warbird sound FX...

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Feb 2, 2007
I am a filmmaker who is writing an ACCURATE short film script for the 8th AF mission on 4/13/44 where 60 aircraft were lost. I have interviewed pilots,crew members, leadpilots, crew, family of crew, etc. In other words, this ain't gonna be a BS Memphis Belle kind of film. It will be as true to fact as possible, with the only creative liberties taken to be with compressing time.

The film will centwer on the 8th AF,384th BG, 545th Squadron the 'Squawkin' Chicken'. The pilot, Ben, is thankfully still alive and with us and just as sharp as he was when he commanded his Fort on this fateful mission more than 60 yrs ago.

OK, now tomy numerous questions: I need AUDIO/WAV/MP3 files of B-17G's in flight at various throttle settings.speedingup,slowing down, feathering an engine. Also, I need the sound FX of theonboard 50 calibre machine guns. Further more,I need bombbay doors opening,bombs dropping.etc. Also, I need the various engine gun sounds of the Luftwaffe ME-BF109. As well as distant bomb explosions and flak bursts exploding close to the plAnes.

Not that I'm using these for the film per se, but I am going to make an audio file of the script to ensure it sounds correct after it is written. in doing so. I am essentially doing the film twice: Once strictly for audio once with actors and crew on a working B-17 (Yes, I may have access to one).

Any help would greatly be appreciated. my directemailis [email protected]

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