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Feb 6, 2007
Melbourne, Victoria
I did some digging about my mums father...
During WW2
he was a Sergeant in the


Problem is i cant seem to find out anything about what they did exactly.

If anyone knows it would be very appreciated from myself and my family.
According to (page 4)

On completion of that tour of duty Ray was posted as a Pilot to No.4 Communications Unit with flying duties for RAAF Command. The Unit comprised one Beaufighter and two Beauforts which were called upon to ferry Staff Officers as required.

There is also some details of them using the Vultee Vengeance as well:

Crash of a Vultee Vengeance, near Hamilton Flying Boat Base, Brisbane, Queensland on 22 July 1944

There are a few mentions of the unit, but mainly about aircraft transfers etc. But it seems to have been a flight rather than a full squadron. And based in Australia during the war.
Heinz, 4 comm Unit used the following a/c at one time or another -
Tiger Moth
Miles Falcon
DH Dragonfly
Vega Gull
DH Dragon
Douglas Dolphin
Moth Minor

The unit was based at Archerfield near Brisbane and VM was the squadron code letters. Comms Units were used to ferry personell as Amrit said as well as supplies, mail etc to fighter affiliation, AA/searchlight co-op and exercises with the Army. Basically they did the unglamorous jobs that had to be done to keep the Air Force running.
Just to add Heinz, here are some activities 3commUnit undertook, which would pretty much be what all the Comm Units did.

In July 1942, 3 Communication Flight commenced to ferry aircraft and passengers to many parts of Australia. Later on they were called upon to carry out anti-aircraft and artillery co-operation flights for the Australian Army and Royal Australian Navy. Other duties included towing target drogues (Vultee Vengeances) photographic and calibration duties, radio physics, and auditing emergency airfields in New South Wales.
source - 3 Communication Unit RAAF, in Australia during WW2
I wonder what the pilot make-up was - from the quote in my earlier message, it seems that the pilot was posted to the unit after a tour of duties (implying a "rest" period). Would the other pilots be the same?
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