Is La-9 better than La-11?

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Nov 25, 2005
Both have laminar wings. Why did the russian move the cooler to the front on la-11?
Do you think the La-series have bad rear view?
I mean can the pilot actually see his six?
Many russian aircraft had poor views from the cockpit, not only to the rear, but anywhere that you needed to look through glass. Ive heard from an VVS pilot, who sadly passed away not too long ago, that in his mig-1 he would get dizzy looking out the canopy because not all the glass was the same thickness and had the same visibility out of it, and wasnt mounted right, offering odd angles. I dont think the La series had it that bad, but that it was a problem to see the six.
The cooler was probably moved to the front because A.) it either simplified production or B.) It improved the aerodynamics.
Many soviet aircraft were rushed into production under horrible conditions and with shortages of every material, so aircarft were changed during production, because theyre were found unsuitable.
Improve aero-dynamic? but La-9 is 10 mph faster than la-11.

One more question. It laminar flow winged aircraft less maneuverability than the regular one? For example, the Spitfire and Spiteful.
Aerodynamics helps more things than just speed. It can improve maneueverability, dive speeds, turn rates, etc....

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