Largest Video Clips in the World...ON-LINE

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Jan 6, 2006
Hi Everyone:

This is my first time here and thought you guys should now this:

Since around 1925 "LUCE" the official Italian News Entity has been filming and keeping records of News Clips and Historical Films as well as Propaganda films.
For those who love aviation this is one of the biggest treasures in the world.
"Archivio Luce" (Luce Archives) has had for a long time all their films available free ON-LINE. You just have to register.

Their address is:

Their search engine is in Italian so go to Altavista translation and translate the word you are looking for or group of words... Here is one to start you guys off. " cielo" .... "sky"............Have Fun. ;)
THATS THE SITE! I found that a while back but couldnt be bothered with all the translating...Never found it again but ill add to my favourites this time. Thanks!

Woah just typed in aerei to watch a quick video and on the second page is a neat MC.72 video...thanks again!
wow, great site, thanks for the link

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