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Hi All,
This morning (2nd Nov 2022) I visited a crash site just North of Townsville, QLD where this liberator flew into a mountain 28th March 1944 in very poor conditions.
The actual crash site was not found apparently for some 16 days later.

Accompanied by Sqn Ldr Andrew Chadwick, now in charge of the Heritage Centre, Townsville and committed historian, we respectfully visited the site. On private property, the owners are very respectful of the significance of the site and are keen to erect a small memorial nearby. The pilot, to my knowledge, has never been found.

The Crew were:-

*1st Lt. Erwin N MISKIN, Pilot, 0742444, Idaho,24
*2nd Lt. Arthur E HARRIS, Navigator, 0804985, North Carolina, 24
*1st Lt. Charles W LANKFORD, 0737806, Kentucky, 23
*Tech. Sgt. John F HEWITT, 12032724, New York, 27 *Sgt. Frank D BRUMM, 17109864, Minnesota, 24
*Sgt. Royal W GREINER, Flight Engineer, 16086363, Michigan, 21
*2nd Lt. Erwin B COMPTON, 0808788, Texas, 21

If anyone can add to this, please feel free to do so.

I do have some photos to add, but need some editing first.
I don't have any new information to add, but thank you for sharing. I am Sgt. Frank D Brumm's great grandson. I don't know as much about his time in the service as I would like to, but I'm slowly piecing it all together. Thanks again!

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