Location of FW190D9 fuel tanks...

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Lt. Z0mBe

Oct 10, 2006
Wise and Sagely Warbird Experten,

I'm working on a scale modeling project right now. Anyone have any links showing the precise location of the Dora's fuselage fuel tanks and filler caps?

Any help or advice is appreciated.

Thank You,

Well I dont have anything of that home in my stuff, so I did a search online and all I could come up with was a picture of a 1/72 scale model. That would hardly be accurate though. Here is the pic that shows the position of the 2 fuel tanks.


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Danke, Adler! Are those the only two tanks she has?

Ich schätze die Informationen sehr.

Thanks Again,

I believe it was only fitted with 2 internal fuel tanks but was capable of carrying external. I will do some more research. I tried to find some schematics in my massive stack of papers and books but so far I can not find anything.
Thanks, Adler!!

I trust you, man. I didn't think it had wing tanks either. I just wanted to make sure I Wasn't crazy. :) No room out there for much of anything without killing the spectacular roll rate. They'd have to be outboard of the wing cannons.

Thanks again,


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