Login/Logout issues

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Mar 10, 2003
Florida, USA
If you are having trouble staying logged into the site(ex. close the browser and come back later only to have to login again). The problem is caused by the cookies which the server gives to your machine.

Fix: To fix this problem you must clear your cookies cache.
For IE goto tools>internet options> Click the Delete Cookies.. button

Warning: this will delete all cookies not just the ones setup by this site meaning you must login again to other forums, online stores, etc..

Please reply if this works/doesn't work for you.
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cant remember my password so i cant log out
I was able to log in fine the past week but now I cant stay logged in anymore. I tried playing around with the settings and nothing works. I can log in on the main page then when i try to look though the forums im logged out......... :evil:
This computer is messed up.....now I can log in and post and I didnt even change any settings..... :confused:

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