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    Does there exist a document that describes the flight characteristics in the Fw-190V27 aircraft with the long 12.3m wing instead of the standard 10.5m wing? I would like to know how much the longer wing with increased wing area of 20.3 sq/m vs the standard wing are of 18.3 sq/m affected things like top speed, altitude, climb rate, roll rate, diving speed, range and maneuverability.
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    Some data from the 'Die Focke-Wulf Hoehenjaeger' book (compared are both the standard Fw-190A-3, lighter version of it, and a same light fighter, but with big wings) :
    - max G is down to 6 (big wing), vs. 6.93 for the standard and 'circa 7.15' for the lightweight
    - service ceiling is up to 12500 m, vs. 11800 for the standard and 12000 for the lightweight
    - turn radius is down to 950 m, vs. 1450 and 1250 m for the st. and the light
    - speed* was to be 680-685 km/h at 7 km on Notleistung, ~667 km/h at 6.6 km on Kampfleistung
    - RoC* at 10 km/h was to be 4 m/s, at 6 km = 13 m/s, time to 8 km = 10 min (all on Kampfleistung; no data for Notleistung)

    Weights are 3850 (A-3), 3660 (lightweight, ie. only 2 cannons, plenty of protection removed) and 3700 kg (lightweight with big wing).

    * the performance data is for the case when external intakes, though both 3 view drawings and the camera stills show that intakes should be 'usual' ones, ie. of internal type
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