Looking for "Identification of U.S. Army Aircraft"-films (made in 1942)

Discussion in 'WWII Videos' started by FlyingHigh, Jul 6, 2011.

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    Hi there,

    I hope someone here can help me out. I'm looking for films of the series "Identification of U.S. Army Aircraft", which was made in 1942. Here is a list:

    B-17F Douglas Heavy Bomber [TF 1-900]
    B-24D Consolidated Heavy Bomber [TF 1-901]
    A-20B Douglas Light Bomber [TF 1-902]
    A-28 Lockheed Light Bomber [TF 1-903]
    A-24 Douglas Light Bomber [TF 1-904]
    A-31 Northrop Light Bomber [TF 1-905]
    P-38E Lockheed Pursuit [TF 1-906]
    C-54 Douglas Heavy Transport [TF 1-907]
    C-53 C-47 Douglas Medium Transport [TF 1-908]
    C-60A Lockheed Medium Transport [TF 1-909]
    P-51 North American Pursuit [TF 1-910]
    B-25 Medium Bomber [TF 1-911]
    P-39L Bell Pursuit [TF 1-912]

    I was able to locate a copy of "A-24 Douglas Light Bomber [TF 1-904]", but I couldn't find any of the other films. Is someone here who has one of them and would be willing to trade? Or do you know where I can get one of them?

    Thanx so much!

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