Looking for Mustang footage, especially of the 4th FG if it exists

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Dec 4, 2006
Pretty self explanatory, I do a lot of game-based videos and usually do them along a type or unit theme, like THIS one I made for the 80th FS in Aces High. First one I did, they've gotten better. I like to mix in archival footage and warbirds along with the game stuff, as you can see.

Now I'm working on one of the 4th (two if I can come up with enough P-47 film) and am running short of footage. I have seen snippets of 4th Mustangs from the war on TV shows and occasionally animated Gif images used on avatars that looks like it came from film footage, but I have been unable to find any that I can use. I have some of the 352nd at Bodney that I can use, and some Warbird footage, but nothing from Debden.

Can anyone help me out??
Guess not, thats a long time with no response.

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