Looking for pix Bf 109G-6 MT-402 FAF

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Nov 2, 2006
Other data:
Bf 109 G-6/Trop
W.Nr. 411520 (Erla - Lepizg works, late atumn 43' production batch)
Stammkennzeichen RW+VQ
Delivered to Finland in March/April 1944, served in HLeLv34

There is any chance for picture of this a/c before delivery to Finland? To clarify, I'm also inrerested in pix in Finnish markings, but if could be in Germans that would be great.
I found only one small post war photo:oops:

thx in advance

I know, look at the thread title :)
Do you have that volume covering Bf 109 in foreing use?
I collected the Bf 109 by Militaria only, they are less hmm... controversial than Aj-Press ones, but picture is picture.
ślepota jestem. :(
You are right.I have got this volume and others from the serie.
Hi Netsailor, haven't found any pictures of MT-402 but some info for you this aircraft was flown by Mauno Ilmari Kirjonen who scored to victories over Il-2's on 20.06.44 and 2.7.44. Flown by Hemmo Kullervo Leino also on 5.7.44 when he shot down 2 Yak-9's in MT-402.
Hi Wayne, do you know more details about first two kills over Il-2's (i.e. time, unit, place...)

On 5.7.44 Capt. Hemmo Leino from LeLv34o between 9.40-10.55 a.m. shoot down 2 Yak-9's over Karelian Isthmus:
Yak-9 13 IAKP jr.Lt. R.P.Tebenkov (KIA) near Uuras
Yak-9 13 IAKP jr.Lt. Korzun (WiA) near Makslahti

These are two post war pictures of MT-402 I've found:
MT-402 HLeLv 33 Utti_.jpg

Hello netsailor, I'm an idiot!! I DO have both of those images, I found the one with the D on the fuselage after i got off the net and then didn't even notice the other shot was staring me in the face! it clicked as soon as I saw your shot. Your shot is the right half of the image I have, to the left are 2 other 109's, MT-499 in front of MT-402 and MT-436 in the back ground.
If I am reading the info right the victory on 30th June was sometime between 10.55 and 11.55 at Kannas during a battle with over 100 enemy aircraft, Finish aircraft numbered only 14, Kirjonen was with HLeLv 34.
July 2nd also at Kannas the info has an error as it states (edited) "about 10 in the evening 35 Pe-2 and 40 Il-2 carried out an air raid at Lappeenranta, HLeLv24 sent up 11, 109's and at 20.10(?) HLeLv34 sent up 8 109's...the messerschmitts returned to their bases by 21.15 (?)"
Hope this helps...
Thanks for info Wayne! Could give me your sources about Finnish MT's? I'll try get it!
I've got a Suomen Ilmavoimen Historia no. 06 "Messerschmitt Bf-109 G" and these pictures comes from this book but i don't speak Finnish :cry:
Hello netsailor,

My 2 photo's come from the French Avions Book, Hors serie No.8 Les Messerschmitt Bf109 Finlandais.96 pages.
It is of course in French but has many pictures of Finnish 109's.
Info comes from an english translated section at the back of "Suomen Ilmavoimien Historia No.11 Finnish Fighter Aces by Keskinen, Stenman and Niska.Has info on (all?) aces their victory listings including what aircraft they were flying and various shots of all types of aircraft the aces flew, 160 pages. In Finnish and English.Great book.
I have built a couple of Finnish marked 109's, will take a couple of photo's today and post them later in the modelling section.

regards Wayne

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