Luftwaffe data plate

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Aug 11, 2023
Hi I found a Luftwaffe data plata on a former ww2 airfield

it was found in a burn pit so its a bit damaged but this is what is could still read

FL.NR 3/6 1228
Werk nr 31865
Gewicht einsehl schlauch schneere
Leer 125kg
Voll 185 kg
Abnahme 11 2 41
And some kind of Mark bAl 409


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It doesn't seem to be from an aircraft. I didn't find the Fl number for the Luftwaffe stuff. Judging by the inscriptions it imay be a part of a fire device. An extinguisher would be possible. The "Abnahme" line is the data of the device acceptation So, it was accepted in 1941. The BAl number is a inspection stamp. Possible pressed by the factory.

A minor correction ... the weight data you posted should be
Empty ( Leer ) 12,5 kg
Full ( Voll ) 18,5 kg
Just there is the comma sign after 12 and 18.
Hi wurger
Thanks for your help
I Will try to do some more research with this new information
Greets Rick
Good point Wurger, the 12.5/18.5kg puts a whole different scale on this!
The BAL 409 stamp is the Ministry inspectors QA stamp.
Overall, the Fl. Nr is the Ministry part code and should be conclusive if it can be read or interpreted better. Unfortunately, I do not have a full decode of those numbers.


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