Luftwaffe glider tugs at Eben-Emel

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Aug 4, 2006
Bristol, UK
Evening, chaps.

I'd be much obliged if anybody could tell me what type of aircraft the Luftwaffe used to tow the DFS 230 gliders into action against the Belgian fortress of Eben-Emel in May 1940. And if you could provide any pictures of the aircraft actually used?


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Usualy Tanti Ju. But...

Checked around and found this at LoneSentry. It is a US Intel document regarding the gliders.

f. Towing Planes

Under combat conditions, the Ju-52 aircraft, which is ordinarily used to tow the DFS-230 glider, normally flies empty. This is because the towing plane does not fly over the objective, but releases the gliders, each of which is attached to it directly, in V-formation: glider "trains" are not used. In operations, normally one glider is towed: three Ju-52's with their gliders, fly in formation. Types such as the Me-110 or He-111 are quite suitable for use as towing aircraft. In training, and probably also for freight-carrying in rear areas, other aircraft are used for towing, including the He-45 and He-46 (training aircraft) and the Henschel-126 (army cooperation aircraft). Fighter planes have also been used to tow gliders in training. A table of tug and glider performances is given in figure 5.

24. The DFS 230 Glider: Enemy Air-Borne Forces, WWII Military Intelligence Service, Special Series No. 7, December 2, 1942 (

Also dug this up


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hi simba

first post here, but i have just finished reading "Kommando - German special forces of World War Two" by James Lucas (cassell reprinted 2003) in which there are photos of the DFS 230 being towed by JU52's on the eban emael raid

also try the magnificent "Warplanes of the Third Reich" by William Green, which also has photo's of DFS230 towed by JU52 - have had my copy since 1972 and would not part with it for love nor money !

I've got a DvD that tells the whole story of the Eben-Emael raid along with interviews with the german Belgian surviours - It makes very interesting Viewing.

The towing aircraft for this raid WAS the JU52 3m as can be seen by the still photos taken from the DVd itself.


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