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    Just a general question about the 1/35 M36's from Academy and AFV Club, Which is the better one?
    I know that AFV Club has made a bit of a mess with the rear, or as they say at PMMS:

    ....but the kit is unfortunately more like a genetic experiment gone wrong with it having the diesel engine deck of the M10/M4A2 and the rear hull plate a combination of the M10/M4A2 plate with M4A3 style exhausts added....


    This large moulding is again from the M10/Achilles kits and while it has separate crew hatches also has the incorrect engine deck layout of the diesel M10 and not the correct deck for the petrol M10A1/M36/M4A3. The engine deck doors are separate parts but again are the wrong
    type for the M36 and I will refer you to my previous article on converting the M35 engine deck to the correct configuration which will also be needed here.

    What's the difference and how do you correct it?

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