Maj "Ronnie" Hay's Corsair during Meridian I and II. Markings?

Discussion in 'Aircraft Markings and Camouflage' started by Ruud, Mar 21, 2012.

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    Hoi Y'all,
    Having just read David Hobb's British Pacific Fleet and starting Osprey's FAA Aces, i am wondering how Ronnie Hay should be marked during the Meridian I and II operations? I have seen a picture of his aircraft from Oct/Nov 1944 with just RH on it. Most profiles have TRH on it for the period after that. Sheppard's plane was T8H before and profiles show it as To8H (T - roundel - 8H) during Meridian I and II. So did Hay's plane go to ToRH? I have Sky's Corsair sheet. It includes To8B (there is a picture of it in Hobb's book), but has Hay's and Sheppard's planes as T8H and TRH

    Some might remember that my uncle (JWS McRae) was shot down and captured during Meridian II. Thus i like the idea of building Hay's plane during that period as he was not only the wing commander of the HMS Victorious, but also lead the strike aircraft on both operations.


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