What do these Corsair markings signify?

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The markings were not system wide US Navy, most likely the Commanding Officers aircraft or perhaps to mimic a Japanese aircraft from head-on. The film is dated May 45, so work up and trials not combat.

The film indicates the aircraft are from Marine Air Group 3 (MAG 3) and consist of VMF-513 and VMTB-234.
Great film quality of CVE-111 with a deck load of planes in May, 1945. Also some aerial footage of the ship from different angles and while a formation of planes fly by it.These personnel were among the first Marine Squadrons to operate from Escort Carriers in the Pacific theater during WW2. There were four Escort Carriers that started this new program:CVE-106 USS Block Island with squadrons VMTB-233 and VMF-511CVE-107 USS Gilbert Islands with squadrons VMTB-143 and VMF-512CVE-109 USS Cape Gloucester with squadrons VMTB-132 and VMF-351CVE-111 USS Vella Gulf with squadrons VMTB-234 and VMF-513More of these WW2 Carrier based training and operations videos will be found at channel @VMTB143Mike. I will be uploading new videos of the Squadron, ship training and combat experience over time.These films are from the collections of the USMC History Division and are digitized and physically preserved through a partnership with the University of South Carolina. These films, and much more, can be found at digital.library.sc.edu.
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Hmmm, thanks! I have another film showing that plane too.

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