Malta's Gladiators

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Sep 21, 2004
Does anyone know if there is any truth to story about 3 gladiator biplanes defending Malta in 1941.Think they were called faith , hope and charity.Or was it just a british propaganda idea.Im sure that there was a Gladiator sqn on Malta but cannot believe that only 3 biplanes could withstand hordes of Bf109f and others.
probably had its wings removed with cannon shells! Must have been damn good pilots ( or stupid suicidal kamikaze) to have done what they did.
Quick question .I'm new to this site.How do you guys get your plane pics on the bottom of your messages.Have been in my profile and cannot seem to get it right.Maybe I'm not looking right.(cannot see out of the turret)
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I don't think Faith, Hope, and Charity had to face too many 109s. I believe the campaign against Malta was pretty much an RA affair at the time.
no- they didn't face 109's when they were there, only a couple of italain fighters, there were originally 4 but one got shot down on the first sortie, and while it is true, allot of it is the invention of propergander, they only had the glad's for a couple of weeks when 4 hurricanes were found........
But it is still true that they fought with such ferocity that the Italians estimated their numbers to be 50.
I'm surpised they could even catch those Eyties , and attack them .Didnt the Itallian planes have 4 tailgunners , to defend themselves while racing back home.
Well Johnny, it's a very true story about 'Faith, Hope and Charity'. - They were a rude awakening for the Italian Air Force, the 'Regia Aeronautica', and did a terrific job holding Malta until better reinforcements arrived...It's a great read, written by Kenneth Poolman, and I thoroughly recommend it....


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I notice that the Amazon-server hasn't got it...the copy I have is a 'New English Library' paper-back, 1974. - It was first published in 1954 by William Kimber Co. Ltd.
- For all those 'Gladiator-scoffers' out there, this story will change your opinion of this, the 'Last of the Fighting Biplanes'....

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