Maxwell Hellmuth Osterman's Aircraft

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    I've seen both drawings and/or documents that refer to Maxwell Hellmuth Osterman's ME-109s that he flew. I was wondering if someone could fill in the missing information or correct what I have.

    JG 1 ME-110

    JG-54 (JG-21 was rolled into JG54)

    ME-109E -I cannot find a reference to what he flew during the BoB, but I would assume it's a -E model. More looking for the unit markings. (not really the Wrk #'s).

    ME-109F2 -'white' 2
    ME-109F2 -'white' 1
    ME-109F2 -'white' 5

    ME109F4 -'white' 2

    ME109G2 -'black' 1
    ME109G2 -<< (double cheverons).

    I know my information is probably not correct or complete, but I was hoping to tap the massive knowledge of the members here!

    Thanks in advance!

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