Me 262 with Strange Camo

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Mar 14, 2015
Hello everybody,

On another forum I stumbled on this photo of an me 262 (bottom left side). I think the photo was sold on ebay. The camo strikes me as very strange, and the colors seem nonstandard. This Me 262 is part of a lineup. The photo reminds me of another photo I've seen, showing a lineup of Me 262s from KG 54(j) at Neuberg an der Donau. However, this machine could very well be completely unrelated to that location and unit. I'm just guessing ;)

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weird me 262.jpg
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I apologize for not posting some data as I had promised earlier, we've had a close call here with a horrific wildfire, so I have fallen behind.

That being said, I'll mentioned that in the final months of the war, there were very unusual camo schemes and colors that appeared.
One of which, Germany's infrastructure was in shambles from January 1945 onward. So ground crews did what they could with little in the way of supplies.
An old family friend, who was with Jg27, mentioned that in the last months of the war, they could not get any Luftwaffe issue paint, so they bartered with a nearby SS Panzer unit for the much needed paint. The price? French Cognac.
Try and explain that to the IPMS purists! :lol:
Aww no worries, Graugeist. Stay safe! I'm thinking good thoughts for you.

That's fascinating info.about the paint. It really does make you wonder about Luftwaffe camo colors. As you've pointed out, given the scarcity of materials and disruption of supply lines, it makes complete sense that many ground crews would have ignored RLM regulations. Regarding the Me 262 in the photo, it's interesting that greyish paint has partially oversprayed the balkenkreuz.The contrast between the colors is stark.

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