Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1

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Jan 1, 2006
I understand that early production Bf 109E-1s did not have wing mounted 20mm cannon, they had 7.92mm MG 17 instead. Does anybody know how many machinegun armed E-1s were produced before production switched to the cannon armed E-1s?


Hi Waken !!!
Do you want to know how many MG-17 was produced or how many Bf 109 E1 with the machine guns?
I want to know how many E-1s that were armed with 4 x 7.92mm MG 17s (i.e. no cannons) were produced.


Hi Waken !!!

According to AJ-Press publication "Monografie lotnicze" no.42, the E-1 and E-3 versions were produced simultaneously in proportion 47% E-1 and 53% E-3.
By the time when the production of Emil was finished in summer 1940, 1082 Bf 109 E-1s were assambled and 1171 ( the other source-1174) Bf 109 E-3s were mounted.I've found also info that some of the first E-3s were equipped with four MG17 machine guns.I hope the answer was satisfying for You.

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Sorry I have not responded. Me and my wife moved to a new place and my internet is not hooked up yet. I will bring my book to work and post the stuff there when I get a chance.
Hope your house move went well. If you have the time to post the information on E-1 production that would be great. Thanks.

I am really sorry I still have not responded. Our new internet connection has not been connected and wont be until the 4th of May. The only time I can get online is at work and I dont have much time. My unit is going to the field for a couple of weeks and then I will respond when I get back.
Thankyou for being patient my friend. It has been really hectic here with the move and then me getting sent to the field for bascially 2 months.

Here is the info that I have from several of my books:

There were 1183 Bf-109E-1s built including 110 Bf-109E-1/Bs. By the end of 1939 there had been 850 built and production of the E-1 stopped at 1183 because the Battle Britain proved that the Bf-109 needed more cockpit armour protection for the pilot leading to the E-3 varient.

I have production quotes for most of the varients of the Bf-109. Again production quotes varie from book to book and source to source so there might be other numbers out there.
Thanks for the information. So E-1s and E-3s were built in parallel, i.e. the E-3 did not replace the E-1 on the production line. Do you have any information on how many E-1s and E-3s were built that only had 7.92mm MG 17s in their wings and not 20mm MG FF?


I do not have any info on that at all that I know of, but I will look through my stuff. As for the E-1 and E-3 that is correct but the E-1s were quickly brought up to the E-3 standard and basically converted.
Does anyone has the correct ammo loads for the E-1 and E-3? I found conflicting data about it


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