"Midway" on the Smithsonian Channel

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Jul 26, 2011
I was looking forward to this Veteran's Day program from the Smithsonian. I didn't expect any really new information but wanted to see how our national museum system would treat the issue. In a word it was garbage. The only plane they spent time with was the Dauntless and they denigrated its performance... while crediting it with sinking the four carriers. According to the program the US torpedo bomber used was the TBF even though they showed one clip with the TBD. I think they substituted shots of the SB2C for the TBD; maybe they looked alike to the producers. While there were a few shots of Wildcats 90% of the fighter footage showed Hellcats, although a few Corsairs managed to sneak in. The history was terrible. I'm really disappointed, 'nuff said.
That is SO typical. Many years ago I wrote The "History" Channel explaining that the Battle of the Coral Sea did not repeat not involve
The British Navy
The Japanese Army
The German Air Force.

Was surprised to get a reply but it said "We're glad that you enjoy our programming."

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