Mitsubishi Ki-15 Babs (aka C5M1 C5M2)

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Aug 21, 2006
Hello all- Im a brand new member to these forums, so hi. =) My interest is in aviation in general, specifically Second World War aircraft. Mostly I build and fly radio control scale aircraft, but also enjoy reading about aviation history.

To get to my question: I am trying to do some research on a scale subject, the Mitsubishi Ki-15 Babs. This is also known as the C5M2 and C5M1 Babs, I think the designation changed as it was adopted into military service. I believe it began life as a fast mail and transport plane in the 30s.

I really want to try and find some drawings, showing markings and paint schemes, and/or photos of this aircraft, specifically the later models with the "later" cowling, I believe the Ki-15-II. (The early ones had a separated cowl, with quite a gap between the trailing edges and the fuse). So far I have found a couple of 3-views, and 2 photos (B&W) but neither showed the markings on the wing. Also any information on paint schemes/colors would be very helpful.

This seems to be a bit of an obscure aircraft to find information on, so any leads would be great.

There is a book called Japanese Aircraft of the Pacific War which I have yet to find, but would love to know if anyone has it, if it contains any information/drawings of the Babs.

This is the only color images I have on the Babs. It's not much help but...


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Greetings saw your post about the Ki 51 Babs. Go to Rods WarBirds there you will find thousand of world war two photos there are a few photos of the Ki51 i hope this will help. Cheers! Tim

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