"Mottled brown" 109 markings?

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Dec 11, 2020
I was reading post-mission reports from a Tempest V squadron that engaged a formation of 109G aircraft on 8 June 1944. Several of the pilots reported the appearance of those aircraft: "The aircraft I destroyed was camouflaged mottled chocolate and brown and no national markings were visible." "When at about 600 yards we recognized them as Me.109G's camouflaged a mottled brown." Then about 6 months later, 23 January 1945, it was "long-nosed FW.190" also reported as being "camouflaged light brown, with black spinner on which were painted two white rings." Same pilot, same mission reported another FW-190: "The E/A was camouflaged light brown with the crosses on the wings set in prominent circles." Are these as strange as they seem to me, or am I just not very well informed about late-WW2 Luftwaffe camouflage and markings?
Pilot accounts of colours and markings are very unreliable IMO. Can you actually see mottles at 600 yards while doing 300+mph?

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