Napier Sabre combat ratings, probably 1945.

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Oct 6, 2006
Napier Sabre combat ratings prior to the MK VII.



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Thanks for posting that.

Interesting that the performance lines are straight, even with the abscissa being linear with altitude.
Typically engine performance charts are drawn with the abscissa being linear with the altitude air density/sea level air density ratio. This means the altitude labels are on a non-linear scale. This is done as it makes the performance "curves" generally linear. This was based on the paper "Altitude Performance of Aircraft Engines Equipped with Gear-Driven Superchargers" R. F. Gagg, E. V. Farrar

I'll leave it to others to discuss the boost ratings...
In the IMechE Napier Sabre archive, item NAP/6/2/7 makes this statement:

"Report concerning single-seat fighter aircraft Sabre E122 aftercooled engine. Includes comments on layout, drawings and test data."

Someone is adament that the E122 was never made. One of the Napier Heritage Trust books mentions that fabrication of the E122 was started, but never completed due to the takeover.

"Test data" implies testing. Possibly single cylinder? Has anyone seen this file?


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