Need info on the Henschel Hs 123

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Jun 15, 2005
Can anyone help? I've seen plenty of webpages like this that give some information but not nearly as detailed as I am looking for. Information about the manufacturer would be wonderful (as I have really yet to find any), and information about the plane itself is also greatly needed. Specifically, detailed information about the engine and how it works/is built, as well as detailed information about the flaps and how they are used. I need specifics about the landing gear as well.

Ok, well, go for it! Have fun! And see if you can help me out. Thanks!
Heres all the info that i have at the moment on the Hs 123,
Technical Data

Origin: Henschel Flugzeugwerke AG
Type: Single-seat divebomber, and close-support
Engine: 880hp BMW 132 Dc nine-cylinder radial
Dimensions: Span 34ft 5.5in (10.5m); length 27ft 4in (8.3m); height 10ft 6.5in (3.2m)
Weights: Empty 3,316lb (1504kg); loaded 4,888 (2217kg)
Performance: Maximum speed: 214 mph (345km/h); initial climb 2,905ft (900m)/min;
service ceiling 29,530ft (9000m); range 530miles (850km)
Armament: Two 7.92 mm Rheinmetall MG 17 machine guns ahead of pilot; underwing racks for four 110lb (50kg) bombs, or clusters of anti-personnel bombs or two 20mm MG FF cannon
check with schiffer publications for the book on the Hs 123, softbound. Englisch, redone from the Deutsch. A cheap way for you to cover your data in the files....

Thanks for the help all! The technical drawings especially helped, as I've already seen most of those other websites. I really appreciate the help though!

And definitely, if anyone comes up with more information to post here, please do so! It would be great!
More specifically now, it'd be great to have information on how the landing gear works and on how the flaps on the wings and tail work. Also, information relating to cockpit controls would be great!
-Has some good photos, not exactly what you are looking for but there is one with the cowling removed that may be useful
-Another part of the site concord linked to.
-some good general photos
-more good general photos
-this might be useful if translated
-image I did not see elsewhere
-third pic seems to show aircraft w/ flaps deployed
-5th image

I hope I am not just repeating everything you have seen; I think some of these may be new. Good luck.
I had not seen most of those sites. Thanks for the help and effort, I appreciate it!

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