New Fighting Wings Supplement - Six Pack #2 available at Wargamesvault

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Greg Boeser

1st Sergeant
Jul 29, 2016
Another morsel from JD Webster. This time featuring aircraft that turned up late or just missed the war in the Pacific.
From the Fighting Wings io group:

JD Webster

Fighting Wings Game Expansion set: "Six Pack #2".
Expansion includes six new 3rd ed. aircraft data cards (ADCs) for use with COA's FW games and six pages of scenarios for the new aircraft. Total size of expansion is 12 pages. Some scenarios in this six pack require aircraft from COA's Whistling Death and Wings of the Motherland games. Featured ADCs:

1. F8F-1 Bearcat
2. F8F-1B Bearcat (cannon armed)
3. F7F-3 Tigercat
4. A6M7 Zero fighter-bomber
5. Ki.61-II-KAIa Tony
6. Ki.100-Ia / Ib Type 5


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