Wings of the Motherland

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Greg Boeser

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Jul 29, 2016
The fourth in Clash of Arms' Fighting Wings series by JD Webster, covering the air war between the Germans and the Soviet Union, 1941-1945, is awaiting final pre-production processing.
Here's what's in it:

Here is the finalized list of Box contents. Production is slated to begin late summer 2017.

Final Component List for Wings of the Motherland (WML)

Two sided, standard game map side #1 / #2 (rural terrain / blue water (sky))
Two sided, standard game map side #3 / #4 (Large Town / wooded Terrain)

Aircraft full counter sheet
(280 ½ inch counters, front and back printed)
Ground unit, game markers and small ships counter sheet
(280 ½ inch counters, front and back printed)
Large Naval unit and game marker half counter sheet
(70 x ½ by 1 inch counters, front and back printed)

Rules Related:
Third Edition Rules Booklet – 80 pages
Rules Supplement Booklet – 12 pages (examples of play specific to WML)

Scenario Book:
Scenario Booklet – 120 pages – front cover to final page.

Play Aids Booklet:
28 pages Total =
Cover Page – Table of Contents – 1 page
Flight Tables – 4 pages
Flight Rules Summary – 2 pages
Naval Tables – 4 pages
Combat Tables – 10 pages
Operational Scale Tables – 4 pages
Operational Mission Track – 2 pages
Back Page – Sequence of Play – 1 page

Data Card Booklet
60 pages Total =
Cover page – Table of Contents – 1 page
Tactical Maneuvering Grid – 1 page
Soviet Aircraft data cards – 28 pages
Soviet Navy Ship data cards – 8 pages
Luftwaffe Aircraft data cards – 20 pages
Tactical Scale Game Charts – 1 page
Back page – Blank A/C log sheet for photo copy – 1 page

Total page count = 300


I've had the pleasure of being part of the playtest team since the development of Whistling Death, and am really excited about this impending release.
Thanks. looks very interesting. Being not the first in the series, I would not expect too many bugs in the system. When is it due for release, or has that already happened? .
Well, I'm hoping for a Christmas release, but then I've been hoping for that for about 10 years.
Part of the problem is that the playtesting has been almost all pbem. You get a good record of play, but it takes forever.
As for bugs, yes, much improved from the original Over the Reich and Achtung Spitfire. 3rd edition rules are a refinement of 2nd edition rules in Whistling Death. Most notable changes are the new defensive gunfire arcs, now defined by clock position as opposed to the old "front, left/right front, rear, left/right rear," etc. and the vertical limits being defined by increments per hex. The new way of calculating defensive fire now reduces firepower based on deflection as compared to the old method of increasing the defense value of the target. The result is that fire from multiple a/c is easier to figure. Also, the FATT (Flight Attitude Transition Table) has been revised and simplified. Weapons data has been revised from previous editions. Plenty of new chrome as well.
From the designer:
COA has informed me they are wrapping up the projects that were ahead of WML and that it will be next in the production cycle.

Expect layout work by Tim S. to start in January, expect product by convention season next summer.

One caveat, COA will be seeking about 300 pre-orders before they go to press with the game because of its size and cost (more than 100 dollars, less than 150 dollars). So please spread the word and when the pre-order option becomes available on the COA website, please sign up. Preorders will be given a discount price, unknown for now.

That's all I know for now.

Just ot word that WotM is finally going into production with a projected release date of summer 2019.

Not quite taking pre-orders yet...
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Ed Wimble just posted this tasty morsel on

Wings of the Motherland Update

Counters and maps went to the printer today. All the books are there as well. Last bit to go is the box wrap and that is due any day. As soon as it is there we'll start processing the orders... possibly as early as the end of this week.

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