New Škoda Model

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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
Will be called Škoda Joyster and will look like this.


Pretty nice, I think. :D

Preview: Skoda Joyster Concept | Leftlane News - Car News For Enthusiasts
I'm on my 3rd Octavia - one got vandalised (after 230,000 kilometres without any trouble at all), and the other two are still in service - and I think they're great! I'm not in the market for gadget cars, I want a solid, dependable car that drives well and handles nicely - and which I can get about 50 miles to the (Imperial) gallon with. That's about 42 per US gallon.


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I dont think thats his car, just a random pic from the net. I see a Renault Twingo in the background, and they werent officially sold in the UK. Besides, all the cars have French number plates ;)
No, that's my car, just before I bought it - I live in France, so I have the steering wheel on the "wrong" side!

It now has a different registration number on a British type plate, and a Union Jack just to the right of the number plate. Looks much better now!
I've decided in my "old" age to calm down and do something more peaceful, so I teach English to French students - in France. Just happened that way! I got asked during a rather boozed-up evening in the Paris British Legion, what I was like as a teacher... Teaching, at the time = instructing, so I said, not bad. And there you are! Got married; bought a house, etc; wife4s German, BTW, also a teacher. Kids speak 3 languages!
Too right, mate - minimal workload - remember the 35 hour week legislation? And we get by... :)

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