No on-line photos of repainted TP-51C?

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Jan 6, 2014
United States
Hi folks,

I've read in this thread that the Collings Foundation's TP-51C, the former "Betty Jane" (N251MX), has been repainted in the colours of "The Stars Look Down", the two-seat P-51B that Eisenhower flew in over the Normandy battlefields in July of 1944.

Yet, almost a year after the linked thread, no photos of this repainted Mustang have surfaced on the web outside of this site, though I have seen photos of the a/c during its repainting process.

Can anyone explain this?
Because it's going under a deep restoration/rebuild currently and the only current photos you'll find, are going to be of it in a hangar in the process of it being reassembled.
Worth noting that if you look here, that process has been underway for about 7 years now. Time will tell if the a/c takes to the air again anytime soon, I guess...
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Took these in Aug 2022 at American Aero, NSB Airport, FL
American Aero is a neat place to visit. A few years back I went up there looking for a magneto repair place that is basically co-located with them. I went to the office and asked for directions and they told me to just go outside and walk down the ramp to the third building. I went outside and found that sitting on the ramp not 100 ft away was a B-17 and a B-24. I tried to look nonchalant, as if walking by those warbirds was no big deal....

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