Nose Art B-24's

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Marc Trueb

Feb 18, 2007
I recently purchased some old photos of some World War Two planes that have some interesting nose-art. Most of the other pictures that were with these photos were from Guadalcanal. They appear to be B-24 planes. One states, "Sky Wolf" with the cartoon like painting of a wolf in a suit and hat swinging a cane. Another states, "Sacktime 857." A third photo is blurry but has a scantilly clad woman and states what looks like, "Lost Lady 092 " or maybe "Last Lady 092." The fourth photo states, "Singin Sam" and this appears to be a B-26. If you can help me with any information on these planes and who flew them I would really appreciate it.
EVen though I do have this pic of Sacktime. It crashed at Twizle Moss Head, Holmfirth, Yorkshire on 09 Oct. 1944. So this aircraft was in Europe not in the Pacific.
857 was the code. SN was 42-94841


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The photo of Sky Wolf is of the same plane but the Sack Time is different. The photo I have was written "Sacktime" with no exclamation point. Thanks!

I know this is an old thread and the photo isn't the best. My father in law (who recently passed away at the age of 94)served in the South Pacific as a crew member on the Skywolf. This is a picture of him in front of the aircraft.

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