Other Bf 109 G6 with landing gear doors?

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aurelien wolff

Airman 1st Class
Sep 20, 2018
Hello, looking at hermann graf Bf 109 G6, it seems to have a special landing gear with a K like door, I wonder if other G6 had that too, it seems to be a rarity among them (I might do that for the border kit with a bit of scratch and other G' kits)/

source is this french build of hermann graf G6: Messerschmitt Bf109G6 Jagdgruppe 50 1/72 - Master194.com
Thanks for your answers!
As memo serves the trials with the kind of the main wheel bay doors were carried out since the Friedrich variant appeared. But just the Kurfürst was the one that got them finally. However these external wheel bay covers were dismounted often. So not too many of Bf 109K with them can be found in pics. The same seems to be with the G-6. I didn't find any info if these were used with the Bf 109 sub-type. And the images of the Gustav also don't confirm mounting of them. But it doesn't seem to be the rule.
In the case I would agree with our member FalkeEins that these may have been trialed as simple blast protectors for the exposed tyre from the Werfer launch.


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