P-47N Wing

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Sep 30, 2020
Anyone familiar where I might find drawing/image documentation of the revised wing on the P-47N? I'm trying to determine what changes would be required to correct a 1/48 P-47N model kit; there are only 2 P-47N kits in 1/48 and both appear to merely square the wing tips to create the unique N wing (and thus actually making the span slightly shorter). I've read a general description and there are a few images on the web, though nothing that really imparts a good visual description of what the changes actually were. The verbal description seems to belie that it was anything other than a complete redesign, "square tip, wing span increased a 'few' inches, increased total area, larger ailerons." But from the photos I've seen it looks very different (cross section seems different and maybe the plan-form is different too?), and that would make sense given the reworked gun bays and fuel tanks.


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Thanks for the replies. Turns out I was wrong about the available kits being incorrect in this detail; seems both the Academy and the Hasegawa/Revell/Monogram kits have correctly modeled the N wing, much to my delight.
That's what I have read, as well. An 18 inch extension was added to each inner wing to allow space for additional wing fuel tanks; the wingtips were squared off, as Thomas stated, to improve the roll rate; IIRC there was an autopilot fitted to relieve the pilot on long flights as well as armrests on the seat; a C-series R-2800 was fitted, ( I don't recall the P&W model, but I could look it up.) and on later production blocks, stub mounts for HVAR's were fitted. One detail that might or might not be correct on the Academy and/or Revell 1/48 kits to look for is the P-47N had no shroud over the back of the instrument panel, so you can see the gauge housings and wiring from above,

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