P-51 and P-82 mock ups/wind tunnel models

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Nov 3, 2022
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Been trying to find some photos online of mock up for any of the Merlin or Allison P-51s or the XP-82, and I've come up empty aside from the P-509 "baby Mustang" that was the predecessor to the NA-73X. I have such photos in print (specifically the P-51H and XP-82) but an online search hasn't turned up much.

And by "mock ups" I'm also including wind tunnel models.
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A photo from my collection.


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This is one of the items that I'm looking for. Thanks :)
Maybe with the NACA image number you can find more related photos. I don't know NASA would have anything in their searchable NACA archive, but I would peak around in the online NARA database. (sorry type-o you have the NACA image number not the NARA)
Was just looking though my copy of Building the P-51 Mustang, and it makes me wish I had those photos of the XP-51F/G and P-51H (including mock ups) in HQ, and the Schiffer book about the F-82 has some good mock up photos of the XP-82 that I also wish I had.

I'm guessing that Boeing have those photos and they probably won't give or sell to individuals.
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