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Apr 23, 2007
Hello everyone,
I have just signed in to this forum for the first time and I'm not sure which board to post on. Maybe someone would help. I am looking for information concerning a P51 and pilot that was lost in the Pacific theatre (I think). The plane was affectionately named "Tiki Ti" and was piloted by Marvin Menter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I am looking for any info about my uncle, Marvin Menter, who was lost in WWII. He flew P-39's, P-40's and his P-51 Mustang named "Teki Ti". Thanks for any help.
Do you know what unit he flew with?

Strange but your previous request for this information seems to have disappeared off the boards (I'm assuming you were the one posted for similar info a couple of days ago).

Anyway, I had posted this information on that "disappeared" thread:

Surname: Menter
Forename: Marvin
Unit: 3 AC Group (3 Fighter Squadron)
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Number: 0-810708
Date Of Death: 8th February 1946
Gravesite: Manila American Cemetery,Philippines Tablets of the Missing
Additional Information: from New York
award Air Medal

From: Marvin Menter - AIR COMMANDO - Special Forces - Roll Of Honour

He seems to have died just about the time that 3rd Fighter Squadron was disbanded.
Thank you for your reply. My mother-in-law said she (personally) received the telegraph of Marvin's death on Feb 25, 1945. She is compiling some of his writings and I am hoping that she will let me post them on this board. Marvin was a professional writer and his writings make you feel like you are in the cockpit with him. Thanks again
Hi Don

Sorry, that's the only Marvin Menter that I could find. Do you happen to know where in the States he was from - the US National Archives casuality lists can be searched by state of origin etc (unfortunately being a Brit I haven't quite got to grips with finding US casualties - here we have the CWGC which is centralised and about 99% accurate for WW1 &WW2).

Any other details may help.


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