Photos of 1943 B-25 Crash Rediscovered 1978

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    Just came across some old photos and got them scanned so I could share them. My friend Walter Grimes and I rediscovered this 1943 B-25 crash in 1978. The plane crashed into a wooded swamp about one mile short of its runway at Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station. There was a fire after the crash, which destroyed much of the plane which was not in swamp water. Walt and I found exploded .50 cal shells. Someone had etched a memorial of sorts into a propeller blade which protruded from the ground like a tombstone. I am aware of at least one later forest fire which must have taken its toll on the wreck. Today the area is a housing development. More detail in the captions of a few photos which I posted on my book's Facebook page, here.

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