Pick Your Own Air Force

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the lancaster kicks ass

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Dec 20, 2003
Ok, this is your chance to design your own air force, for use in WWII............


1) Your air force must consist of no more than 9 aircraft
2) You must have atleast one trainer and one transport
3) Any aircraft chosen must have seen service with an Air force during WWII

naming your air force is optional...........

have fun.........
1) B-29
2) Mosquito
3) Focke Wulf FW190D-9
4) Reggiane Re.2005
5) Piaggio P.108T
6) AT-6
7) Junkers Ju86P-1
8) Junkers Ju88G-6
9) Messerschmitt Me410
Trainer - North American AT-6
Transport - Douglas C-47

Bomber - Boeing B-29
Attack - Douglas A-26
Fighter / Fighter-Bomber - Republic P-47N
Fighter / Fighter-Bomber- Chance Vought F-4U
Fighter - Messerschmidt ME-262
Night Fighter - De Haviland Mosquito
Torpedo Bomber / Dive Bomber - Curtiss-Wright SB2C Helldiver
Bomber - B-29
Fighter - Re-2005
Fighter - Fw-190D-9
Bomber - P-108B
Transport - SM.81
Trainer - Harvard
Attack - P-108A
Fighter - P-38L
Fighter - P-47
Aircraft of the RMAF (Royal Mosquitoman's Air Force)
Transport-Avro York
Heavy Bomber-Lancaster
Heavy Bomber- Halifax
Torpedo Aircraft- Beaufighter
Nightfighter- Mossie NFMkXXX
Defensive Fighter- Spitfire MkXIV
Defensive Fighter- Me262
Offensive/Escort Fighter- Mustang D
Revised list...
Trainer- Harvard
Transport- Avro York
Maritime recconaissance- Consolidated Liberator
Heavy Bomber- Lancaster
Torpedo Aircraft- Beaufighter
Nightfighter- Mosquito
Offensive Fighter- Mustang
Defensive Fighter- Spitfire
Defensive Fighter- Me262
Very good question...heres my batting order

Trainer - AT-6 Texan/Harvard
Transport - Avro York

Dayfighter - Fw190A
Dayfighter - Mustang III
Escort Fighter - P51-D
Fighter/Bomber - P-47D
Fighter/Bomber- Hawker Typhoon
Torpedo Bomber - Grumman Avenger
Dive Bomber - SBD-5 Dauntless
Heavy Bomber - B-17G Fortress
Medium Bomber - Mitchell III
good list, although the trainer and transport should be included in the 9, try and cut it down a bit...

hehe you think the B-17's a heavy bomber.............
B-17 was generally at the forfront of american 8th AF bombers................

but if i had to pick between a B-17 and a B-24 i'd take the -24............

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