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Jan 23, 2004
hi this is a bit of a strange request but i was wondering if anyone has any pics of aircraft ammo.
i've looked all over the internet for some pics of bullets but can't find any :mad:

any help would be appriciated :D

They are .50 cals.

You do realise aircraft ammo is basically the same as normal ammo.
ah I am going to disagree with the a/c round the same as the normal round. for German Luftwaffe rounds the shell casings were much shorter.

here's a pic of 2cm Minen rounds in yuellow although the yellow has faded and 2cm AP with pointed cap. the perfect combination for the Ju 87D-5


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Shell casings on normal rounds can be different sizes, Erich. The size of the shell casing is the size of the charge which effects the round, and velocity of the round.

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