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Mar 8, 2005
I am putting together a table top book of WW II planes. I want to make it special with just 24 pictures. I want to include hard to find images. What would you like me to include--what are your favorite images--which planes, which types, and from which countries? I want to know what YOU'D like to see in such a book--I'm open to ideas! Let me know your WW2 aircraft passions!
It depends on the format. Are you looking for famous planes of WWII, or more obscure, lesser known aircraft. Limiting it to 24 makes it difficult. It also depends on the focus, bombers, fighters, cargo, liaison? Are you looking for all countries, or just one or 2? There are a LOT of WWII aircraft and knowing what your focus is will help with suggestions.
If you wish to fly the Italian flag with a picture, hows about this nice shot of the ground crew loading a CR.42 with a bomb.


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that's not really a pic of the plane though is it??

i've been thinking about doing something like this, i'd just do the most famous aircraft, assuming you want one pic per aircraft it'll be easy to find 24 aircraft you can use..........

may i suggest the lancaster?? i can help you out with pics, just say what you want??

however if you want pics of unusual british types i can get you them as well...............
That is what is kind of vague, she did state "Hard to find" images. I would think it would be interesting to find prototypes in flight of the more famous aircraft, like the B-17, Lancaster, Spitfire, Hurricane, P-51, P-47, etc. Some of those aren't particularly hard to find, but it is interesting to see the prototypes versus the production versions.
I might also do something like this. Come up with a list of 24 of what I consider the greatest aircraft of the war.

If you want ANY P-38 pics then just ask! 8)

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