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    Our annual airshow will happen May 4 - 5 with the final practice day on Friday, May 3 at Chino, California, U.S.A., Chino Airport.

    Come and participate if possible. We will have 4 or 5 P-38 Lightnings and will fly our Seversky AT-12, the Boeing P-26, and lot of other WWII-era and later hardware including a Skyraider, our Northrop N9M-B Flying Wing, some Korean War jets, and a lot of other WWII aircraft ... probably 30 - 35 WWII aircraft in all plus others.

    Hope to see you there. If anyone in here attends, I'll be in the Volunteer tent cooking. Hope to see and meet you.

    Keep 'em flying.

    Cheers, - Greg

    Hey FlyboyJ, you should come, ... it's probably the last time anyone will see 4 or 5 P-38's in the air together in formation.

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