Pratt Whitney R-2800 Engine

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    Greetings Guys, and Gals.

    ..... P&W Had so many different models of the R-2800 it is hard to keep them strait.
    Not that I am anywhere knowledgeable. I am working on Hobby Boss's 1/32nd
    scale P-61/B, and have had to take a crash course in the different engines that Pratt
    Whitney made at the time period that I am dealing with.

    According to my reference the difference between the P&W R-2800-10 and the P&W
    R-2800-65 was a difference between ignition, and timing. They also used different
    magnetos and distributors. Other than that, I understand that you can not tell the
    difference between them.

    That being said........ P&W R-2800-10 .... Was used in the early Northrop P-61/A

    .... [​IMG] ....[​IMG] .... [​IMG] .

    The P&W R-2800-65 .... Was used in the mid. production P-61/A, and the P-61/B .... [​IMG] .... [​IMG] .... [​IMG] .

    I have a copy of the P&W R-2800 series CA engine manual. That would be great, if I was building a P-61/C. Unfortunately I am working
    on a P-61/B. I reckon I will have to put out $33.00, US. to get one. There is a bright side to this. Later I plan on building a F-15 Reporter,

    guess what, at that time I will have the right engine manual ........... [​IMG] .

    Have a good one,


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