Profile and Poster Albums added!

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Master Sergeant
Nov 9, 2004
Bristol, UK
Okay, I've created two new albums! The first is dedicated to profiles of warbirds. I hope this will help anybody who needs references for model making, research... ect ect.

The second is for posters from all sides printed during WW2.

Hope you like them both, and make good use of them!
Thanks for the PM reminder, Med. I see you and nonskimmer have been busy posting RAF and RCAF posters. I added some US ones, mostly USAAF ones. I think some of them may be WWI, so my apologies if they are. This is really cool though. I had not seen alot of the Canadian ones. I had seen some of the RAF ones, but there is a nice collection shaping up in there!
Yeah, those are some fantastic posters there, evan! My favorite so far is the one of the USAAF crewman holding the bomb, as he looks off into the distance. :lol:
We have some practice bombs at the museum that we have laying around, empty of course! Maybe I should strike a similar pose for a picture. ;) You guys posted some really cool ones as well. I know NS and I were posting at the saem time, so I should look and see what we were concurrently posting.
Have you seen the Anti VD poster?

When I was doing T.A stuff I really hoped we were going to get a lecture on that subject

"This (holds up sheath) could save you from this."

[Cue slideshow of rotting members]


"You'll know it if you get a dose - it's like peeing broken glass."


"Wearing one of these might be like wearing gum-boots in the bath but it's a damn sight less painful."

(General mirth from audience)

No such luck though.

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