Propeller ID Required

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Nov 11, 2022
Only my second post, but asking for a friend. I'm guessing that the quadrant cut at the base suggests it started like as a four blader. Anyone know? Readable imprints are:
D561 T HAND CLLS Royce D2309 P1350 1868. I know it's not WW2 but...

Prop Blade unknown D561 T HAND CLLS Royce D2390 P1350 1868.jpg
The direction of rotation is different between the OP's propeller blade and the next example. I do agree that it looks like it is probably from a four bladed propeller cut up. Here is a rare example of a three bladed wooden fixpitch.


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Measure the size of the bolt holes as well as the diameter of the bolt hole circle from the center of the bolt holes. You can figure the size of the prop center bore from the arc you have by tracing a template. Having a center will also allow you to accurately estimate the prop diameter. Data always helps the ID.
Hi, I would expect your blade stamping details are enough to id this prop. Maybe worth writing to somewhere that has close involvement with these old wood props, like Shuttleworth.
Also, It would seem likely that the part of your description that says; CLLS Royce, might be ROLLS Royce.

We suspect that already. It came from the family of a R-RHT member. It would be nice to know if it belonged to say, a DH4 or FE2. Maybe a Vimy?
I doubt it is from the Vickers Vimy. Its prop blades were pointy at a tip. Also if shod, it was done all along the leading edge with a very small portion at the tip. The airscrew diameter was of 3.20 m what is 10ft 6". The F.B.8 propeller was of 2.60 m ( 8ft 6" ) in the diameter. So measure your blade form its tip to the estimated rotation center. If it is about the 4ft 3" or just less than 5ft it can't be the Vimy blade.

the Vimy prop
vimy prop.jpg

the pic source: the net
Thank You to all contributors. I will pass on your findings.

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