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May 14, 2023
Hi, I am new here. This post might get a laugh. I am trying to figure out what this is. A propeller is my best guess at the moment. Its for sale at a used-goods Japanese store here in Bangkok. It looks like a propeller, but is missing the screw holes. Its about five feet long or so. Seems like wood, but very smooth. Any ideas? Thinking about buying it for $83. Thanks for any help. (Apologies if this has nothing to do with airplanes).


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Welcome to the site,

Sorry but that's not a propeller in any way. IMHO it may be a part of a boat or someting like that. It is sculptured so it may suggest the bow or stern decoration of a junk quite popular type of a boat in Thailand. Also it can be a piece a wooden bridge, house etc...
Ok, thank you Wurger. I will try other avenues. It does seem highly decorative, rather than useful. I suppose it could be used as a gate for an entranceway of some sort.

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