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Aug 21, 2006
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What a beauty!
Arma Hobby, Mirage Hobby or IBG, if you're reading this, we need one in styrene, 1/48 and/or 1/32....please! 😍🥰😎




PZL P.1 - polish fighter plane from 1929
I hadn't seen the Arma kit: will have to take a look now. Even better, it's resin!
The PZL P-1 was a prototype only. There were made two only. Because the Army considered the inline engine to be too expensive in usage and difficult to maintenance at the field they decided to use the radial one instead. It resulted in designing of the PZL P-6 that was the PZL P-7a and P-11c predecessor. Z. Puławski returned to the idea of powering by the inline engine with the PZL P-8. But again the Army gave the idea up and used the radial unit for the P aircraft series obstinately.

Why is not too popular ... why do most modellers build the serial Hurricane, Spitfire, Fw 190A or Bf 109E but not their prototypes? Certainly there always are the freaks of the planes who have to have them for their model collection obligatorily. But the most of the guys prefer the fighting machines. Also not only here in Poland. In other words the prototypes have no "charisma" or something like that. ;)
My first large controlline flying model was a balsa kit of the P.1, simply called "Polish Fighter", bought in 1956. I still have it and try to fly it once each year.

Actually not a shame. As I told you , there is no large requirement for such models. Here in Poland we call these kits "niche". The number of customers is really very limited. So the same, small number of the kits but made of polystyrene would be very expensive. Therefore the cheaper material was used to keep the kit price at the same level the plastic kits are of. The resin kits don't need the expensive metal moulds and the thermal injection machines. Also the plastic isn't too cheap if you want to keep the high level of quality. So again the supply and demand affect the whole matter.
Personally it doesn't matter for me what kind of the material a model is created with. It can be the cardboard, wood as well. The most important thing is the joy and pleasure. I agree with Saberjet to the certain extent of course. Why won't give it a try. It may be a good experience upgrading your skills.

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